USAF Test Pilot School Part 5 – Warbird Wednesday Episode #187

Welcome to Warbird Wednesday! Today is part 5 of our series at Edwards Air Force Base with the prestigious United States Air Force Test Pilot School. Joining us is Captain Casey “Sandman” Slattery.

In this episode the central control room is showcased, where flight test engineers monitor and oversee testing missions, receiving telemetry data from aircraft like the F-16 to analyze parameters such as airspeed, G Mach, and other flight conditions. Sandman was a Missileer in the 10th Missile Squadron in Montana before attending test pilot school, where he pursued flight test engineering. He has a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering. He also explains his transition from fixed-wing aircraft to rotary wing, discussing upcoming assignments with the 413 Flight Test Squadron Detachment One, focusing on HH-60W helicopter testing for combat search and rescue operations.