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About US

There is always something new at the Palm Springs Air Museum, which is home to one of the world’s largest collections of static & flyable aircraft from WWII through the War on Terror. Unlike many other museums, our air-conditioned hangars have no ropes to keep you from interacting with our exhibits. In addition to our aircraft, exhibits and activities allow visitors of all ages to gain a fresh perspective of the history of US Military operations from the last 100 years.

Pacific (Navy) Hangar

This Hangar includes exhibits and aircraft used by the Navy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. 

Highlights include the Pearl Harbor diorama narrated by NBC journalist and author Tom Brokaw, the Grumman “cats”; the Avenger, Corsair, Dauntless and Invader.  The PBY Catalina Flying Boat is usually on the Tarmac. Ship models, uniforms and weapon display cabinets complement the large wall Pacific Map and the aviation art by American Stan Stokes and Englishman Robert Taylor. 

Be sure and check out the Honor Wall showing our docent veterans!

European (Army) Hangar

This Hangar features exhibits and aircraft used by the Army in the European Theater during World War II.

Highlights of this hangar include the B-25 Mitchell Bomber, P-47 Thunderbolt, P40 Warhawk, the flying Red Tail P-51 Mustang, P-63 King Cobra, Spitfire.

Other highlights in this hangar include the Tuskegee Airmen mural, the large wall European Map with interactive display, the Women in Aviation exhibit, and the Norman Sirota Gliders Display showing how gliders landed at Normandy on D-Day. 

B-17 Hangar

This Hangar includes exhibits regarding the B-17, including housing our B-17G “Miss Angela,”  which visitors can tour.

Highlights also include the Berger Youth Exploration Center with fun, interactive activities for young people, F-16 Flight Simulator, the Gen. Ken Miles Aviation Science Center.

Visitors can grab a bite to eat at the Victory Canteen, and even see our mechanics working on one of our vintage aircraft in the shop!

Korea & Vietnam Hangar

This Hangar includes exhibits and aircraft used during the Korea and Vietnam wars.

Highlights include the Korean War Remembrance Wall, Edward and Mona Sher POW Bracelet exhibit, Presidential Experience Display (including Ken Marts’ “Presidents Who Served” display), and the Frederick Noble Engine Display.

This hangar also hosts our Saturday Programs during the season, and is the primary hangar used for private events.

F-117a Hangar

This state of the art Hangar houses our brand new F-117A Nighthawk “Black Devil.”

The hangar also houses numerous displays centered around the F-117A and the War on Terror, including the “History of the Skunkworks” mural by Stan Stokes, Global War on Terror (GWOT) Timeline, GWOT memorial brick display, “Brotherhood of Stealth” display, and the F-117A cutaway.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located right inside the museum entrance, and has the best collection of aviation/military themed gifts in the world. From t-shirts, ball caps, models, toys, puzzles, you know name it, and the gift shop has it!

It’s truly a shopper’s paradise that you won’t want to miss when you visit.


Our 12,700 volume research Library is located upstairs above the main lobby. In the outer room of the Library are computer flight simulators to entertain and teach the principles of flight to people of all ages.

In the inner room, there is a copy of every single Life magazine that guests are welcome to flip through and enjoy.


The Ron Auen Theatre is located adjacent to the visitor services desk, and has a continuous run of documentary movies throughout the day.

It houses numerous, highly detailed airplane models that guests are welcome to look at, and even has some special movie posters signed by famous actors.

Now no matter how far away you are, you can always visit us.
We are open 7 days a week!

Board of Directors

Executive Committee:

  • Fred W. Noble – Immediate Past Chairman
  • Dan Gilbertson – Chairman
  • Fred Bell – Vice Chairman/Managing Director
  • Dick Shalhoub – Vice chairman
  • William L. Bramer – Secretary/Treasurer
  • William Hughes – Committee Member
  • William Page, M.D. – Committee Member
  • Todd Hooks – Committee Member
  • Robert Gilliland Jr. – Committee Member

Board Members:

  • Gary Annunziata, D.O.
  • Frank Castner
  • Martin Garrick
  • Tim Goulet
  • Morton Gubin, M.D.
  • David Thompson, D.D.S.
  • Linda Evans
  • Kenny Holley
  • Polly Pond Holley
  • Fred E. Jandt, Ph.D.
  • Andy Jessup, Sr.
  • James Kaplan
  • Rod Vandenbos
  • Karen Miles
  • Richard Oliphant
  • John Parker
  • Bill Rutherford
  • Carl Scholl
  • Victor Wolf
  • Steven Chlavin

Honorary Directors

  • Mrs. Donald Cravens
  • Myron Chlavin
  • Thomas Martin
  • Thomas L. Philips
  • Stan Stokes
  • Charles Taylor – In Memoriam
  • Lewis Webb – In Memoriam
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