Warbird Rides

BE ADVISED: Summer Flying hours are 8-10AM due to the higher temperatures.

Regular season flying hours are: 10AM-2PM

C-47 Skytrain ($125)

The Douglas built C-47 served as the main cargo plane of allied forces throughout WWII. It was used to transport men and material all over the globe. It’s best known for it’s use on D-Day, where it dropped thousands of paratroopers into occupied France in the beginning hours of the invasion.

C-47 flights takes 5-10 passengers per flight.

PT-17 Stearman ($295)

The Boeing built Stearman served as an initial training plane of American fighter pilots during WWII. Almost every fighter pilot got their start in Stearman such as this one.  Post-war, many were sold to civilians, many of which were turned into crop-dusters.

Stearman flights take 1 passenger per flight.

T-6 Texan ($595)

The North American Aviation built T-6 Texan served as an advanced training aircraft during WWII for US fighter pilots.  The T-6 was the final training plane pilots qualified in before they moved onto their fighters. Post-war, the Texan continued to serve as a training aircraft before being phased out in the early 1950’s.

T-6 flights take 1 passenger per flight

T-28 Trojan ($995)

The North American Aviation built T-28 Trojan took over the T-6’s role as the advanced training aircraft in the years after WWII. It served in this capacity from 1950 through the early 1960’s, when it was mainly phased out. A very limited amount of T-28’s even saw combat during Vietnam war.

T-28 flights take 1 passenger per flight.

P-51 Mustang ($1895)

The North American Aviation built P-51 Mustang was the premier fighter aircraft for the US during WWII. It is often considered the best fighter of the war, besting the British Spitfire and German BF-109 in numerous categories. There is no more recognizable warbird than P-51 Mustang.

P-51 fights take 1 passenger per flight.

T-33 Shooting Star ($4995)

The Lockheed built T-33 Shooting Star was the first ever jet training aircraft for the US. Developed from the P-80 concept during WWII, the T-33 took on the role of an advanced trainer aircraft throughout the 1950’s.

T-33 flights take 1 passenger per flight.


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