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There are many ways to join the Museum: as a regular member, as a Business Member, and as a volunteer. Investigate the many ways of participating at the Palm Springs Air Museum where History Comes Alive!

Membership Benefits

Airplanes: World War II was an air war. The museum is a collection of some of the most significant aircraft that won this war. From the Grumman cats that flew from our carriers to engage the enemy at the Battles of the Coral Sea, Midway, Wake Island, Guadalcanal and Philippine Sea. Airplanes flown by valiant pilots over the beaches of Omaha supporting and protecting our troops as they disembarked that early morning on June 6, 1944.

The Beacon: Receive our newsletter via email or delivered to your mailbox. Find out what fascinating programs are scheduled and what planes will fly in demonstration. Read historical articles by our knowledgeable staff or by those who participated in America’s wars. Learn about our plans for expansion of our airplane collection and our educational activities.

Flight Exhibitions: Many weekly programs also include flight demonstrations of airplanes related to the current subject. Picture our B-25 culminating the discussion of the Doolittle Raid by making low passes several hundred feet in front of you. Or the P-51 with the powerful hum of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine demonstrating it’s phenomenal speed and agility commemorating our D-Day event. See and hear the great gull-wing F4U Corsair and imagine what the enemy must have felt on Rabaul witnessing the same sight and sound.

Educational Programs: During the season, members attend weekly programs on World War II events, battles, personalities and groups. American history as it was lived–told by those who lived it. Few ever have the opportunity to hear Paul Tibbets discuss the flight of the Enola Gay and it’s mission that ended World War II. Our members did.

Visitations: Throughout the year, many planes are invited to the museum for temporary displays. Now rare, one-of-a-kind, aircraft that once filled the skies many years ago can be inspected up close and personal by our members and guests. Members only have a special opportunity to meet some of the men and women who made history such as Paul Tibbets, Sally Ride and Wally Shirra.

Docents: Many of our docents served in World War II and subsequent wars. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from pilots who flew 35 missions in B-17s or P-51 pilots venturing deep into enemy territory escorting our bombers. Many of our volunteers encountered the Japanese first hand in the Pacific as marines and sailors and submariners. History as it was lived–told by those who lived it.

Library: Full access to the library. A library complete with practically every Hollywood movie made about World War II. John Wayne in Sands of Iwo Jima, Gregory Peck in 12 O’clock High. Take your pick from the hundreds of videos both fiction and documentary–available for members to check out free of charge. Thousands of books on every possible subject related to the military, airplanes and World War II. A complete set of Life Magazine dating from the first issue in 1936 into the 50s. History written as it was being made.

Flight Simulators: Either members or their children can tackle the challenges of flying a P-47 over the French countryside seeking out targets of opportunity or go air-to-air against some of the best the Germans had to offer.

Displays: Tools of a generation who had to defeat an enemy committed to destroying the free world. Kiosks and Quonsets displaying specific squadrons, battles, armaments and aircraft. Aviation art vividly demonstrating air-to-air combat and specific battles America won to gain ultimate victory.

The Palm Springs Air Museum is continually expanding and committed to providing our membership the best of what we do. Please join us, enjoy the benefits and help us become even better.


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