RQ-4 Global Hawk – Warbird Wednesday Episode #182

Welcome to Warbird Wednesday! Today, we’re delving into our latest viewer request, focusing on an unmanned drone known as the RQ-4 Global Hawk. With a wingspan roughly the size of a C-130 dimensionally, this aircraft took its first flight in 1998 and entered service in 2001. Currently, there are 42 of these drones in operation, though some have been lost in accidents. It’s noteworthy that the U.S. Air Force intends to phase these drones out by the year 2027 since in the modern era these have “ancient” technology.  A recent incident involving the RQ-4 Global Hawk occurred in 2019 when one was shot down by the Iranians because it was claimed to be in their air space. Despite the drone being shot down, it’s crucial to emphasize that no human lives were lost, which is the essence of why these aircraft operate in the battle spaces that they do.