MIG 29 – Warbird Wednesday Episode #103

MIG 29 - Warbird Wednesday Episode #103, black and white jet, Ukraine Air Force, Palm Springs air museum, ghost

Welcome to Warbird Wednesday! Today, we are pausing the x-planes series and visiting the concept of the “Ghost of Kyiv” and the MIG 29 – NATO code name Fulcrum. Could the Ghost be terrorizing the Russian Air Force? Join us as we take a look at the current battlefield and MIG 29. The Fulcrum, a product of the Cold War, is a very straight forward fighter design with hydraulic controls, all aluminum construction, can be deployed in very rough airfield environment, however, it has a low range in combat. Learn more about the MIG 29, the aircraft and tactics being used by the Ukrainian Air Force and the concept of the “Ghost of Kyiv” in today’s episode.  хай живе привид!


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