2024 Gala Honoree – Joseph A. Salata

Joseph A. Salata

Joseph A. Salata is the Senior Vice President of Flight Operations at Flexjet LLC, overseeing 250+ aircraft and 1,200+ personnel. Starting his aviation career with Flight Options in 2000, he later became Vice President of Flight Operations, managing 210 aircraft. After a brief stint at Corporate Wings, Joe returned to Flight Options and assumed his current role in 2016.
Retired from the Air Force in 1999, Joe’s military career included roles as a Fighter Pilot and Squadron Commander. Noteworthy achievements involve 21 combat missions during Operation Desert Storm and leading combat sorties over Serbia and Kosovo. Decorated with honors such as the Bronze Star and Distinguished Flying Cross, Joe is a decorated aviator.
A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Joe holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Public Administration from Troy State University. His extensive education includes attendance at Maxwell Air Force Base Squadron Officers School, Air Command and Staff College, and Air War College. Joe’s flying experience spans diverse aircraft, from Gulfstream and Bombardier to military planes like F-117A and F-4E.