Norman Lawrence Sirota D-Day Gliders’ Exhibit - Palm Springs Air Museum

Norman Lawrence Sirota D-Day Gliders’ Exhibit

The Norman Lawrence Sirota D-Day Gliders’ Exhibit is now open, and is included with regular museum admission.

This exhibit is a one of a kind display detailing the exploits of the silent Gliders that were used in eight of the largest Allied assaults during World War Two, including the landing at Normandy just before D-Day. There is a real training glider hanging above the exhibit, and a reconstructed interior of the gliders that were used. These gliders carried troops, sometimes a jeep, and much needed supplies. Once landed on the ground, there was no way to take off. This display is a tribute to the thousands of men who piloted and were transported into the battlefield, knowing it was a 50% casualty rate. Norman Sirota was injured in a training flight and as a result couldn’t participate in the landing on D-Day. This exhibit is in honor of the men in his glider team who landed at Normandy, and never returned. This display is an ongoing tribute to the sacrifices made by these brave soldiers. They are not forgotten! The display includes photos, geographic maps and a timeline with troop numbers and locations.

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