The F-117 Experience - Palm Springs Air Museum

The F-117 Experience

This is YOUR opportunity to view the F-117 Stealth Fighter #-833 with an exclusive visitor experience! The Palm Springs Air Museum is launching a series of limited events for the public to view this incredible aircraft up close and personal with an experienced interpreter as a guide for the evening.

Each experience lasts 90 minutes and will feature a different Skunk Works Expert or F-117 pilot to interpret the airplane, and will include a different Limited Edition T-Shirt for each event, and a chance to look inside the cockpit for each session. There will also be plenty of photo opportunities!

The F-117 is not on regular display, these events are the only way to view the aircraft until complete restoration is complete. Each event is limited to 117 attendees.


Friday, March 12
Interpretation by Neil Kacena, Vice President, Advance Development Program Deputy, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company.

Friday, March 26
Bernie Ellrodt- F-105 pilot , F-117 SPO member and Skunk Works alumni.

Friday, April 2
Interpretation by Captain (CAPT) Thad Darger,F-117 Nighthawk pilot.

Ticket Information
These very limited availability tickets are $45 each.

Stealth Fighter F-117A #833 is the second-highest combat mission aircraft in the fleet, logging 75 combat hours during Operation Desert Storm and Allied Force. The aircraft was also the 49th Wing Commander’s aircraft during Operation Allied Force. In total, the aircraft has 5,140 hours of flight.

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