Temporary Closure Announcement - Palm Springs Air Museum

Temporary Closure Announcement

The Palm Springs Air Museum will close our Museum exhibits/Hangars on Monday December 7th. Our retail/gift store in the front of the facility will continue to operate, In addition, our flight operations, and electronic programming outreach will also continue. We have been notified by the County of Riverside that this shut down will last three weeks at minimum. We will keep you all informed with regular updates as the situation develops.

The date of the shutdown is ironic for our Institution. On this date the United States was thrust into World War II. Now, as in that time long ago, we are at War. In this case, with a deadly unseen enemy COVID. We did not seek this circumstance but we have to understand the reality of it.

There is never an argument over the choice between peace and war that is thrust upon us. There is a risk in any course we follow, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in surrendering to circumstance. There is no accommodation possible in giving up to the scourge of this disease – we have no choice but to fight it and above all else remember that we will be victorious. This battle, that has gone on for months, has weakened us spiritually, morally, and economically. But like previous generations we will adapt and in the end overcome this adversity as we did all those years ago and in the history of our nation.

In the words of Ronald Reagan “Should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? Should the patriots at Concord Bridge have thrown down their guns and refused to fire the shot heard round the world? The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Axis powers did not die in vain.”

We all have to have the courage to say to this latest threat, there is no price we will not pay. There is a point beyond which COVID must not advance. Winston Churchill said that “the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits not animals.” And he said, “There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.”

So we all have to recognize, like the generations that have gone before us, our rendezvous with destiny – with duty.

The Palm Springs Air Museum will continue to celebrate what makes us great and we will emerge from this crisis stronger. We wish you the best of Holidays and God Bless each of you and your families as we work to a brighter year ahead.

Fred W. Bell
Vice Chairman
Palm Springs Air Museum

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