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C-47 Booking

If you are booking a ride in the C-47 Skytrain, we ask that you do so with some flexibility in your schedule. In an effort to maximize time/cost efficiency, we will always try to fill all 10 seats for a flight. Flights need a minimum of 5 seats sold to go up. Please be mindful of this when you are booking seats. We may call and ask you to move flight times in order to achieve this.


  • All passengers are required to complete a Participant Release.
  • Passengers must be 13 years of age or older. Minors who fly (age 13-17) must have their parent or guardian complete a Participant Release for Minors. The parent or guardian must be present for the flight.
  • For safety, all passengers must wear closed-toe shoes. No sandals or flip-flops will be allowed. Long pants are recommended.
  • Passengers must be able to enter and exit the aircraft without assistance; and be capable of climbing and descending the equivalent of a standard ladder.
  • Passengers who cannot board the aircraft without assistance will not fly.
  • Physical restrictions are generally 6’5″, and 250 lbs for the P-51. All other planes can fit most body sizes.
  • Specific aircraft may have maximum height and weight limitations. Please inquire if you have any of these concerns.
  • Large backpacks, shoulder bags, duffel bags, tripods or other bulky items are NOT permitted on the aircraft.
  • No smoking and no vaping devices are allowed on any of our aircraft.
  • No portable oxygen assistance devices are permitted.
  • No Firearms, Pepper or Chemical Sprays, Stun Devices or weapons of any kind are permitted on the aircraft.
  • No animals are permitted on the aircraft.
  • Flights may be canceled due to weather, mechanical, or crew availability. A 100% refund will be given.

All riders must sign Participant Release prior to flight.

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