F-117a Nighthawk "Black Devil" #833

Our latest and biggest restoration project to date is the F-117A Nighthawk “Black Devil.” One of only 59 built, this stealth fighter logged a total of 5,140 hours of flight (75 of which were in combat, making it the second highest combat time F-117) and was the 49th Wing Commander’s aircraft during Operation Allied Force, a bombing campaign against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War in 1999. The aircraft was also used in Operation Desert Storm, the 1991 military operation to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait. It is one of four being given to museums around the country for display.

After being delivered to the museum on the back of a truck and in pieces, our amazing restoration crew has spent hundreds of hours working to restore this stealth fighter to what it once was, down the finest detail. If you’d like to help supply the numerous materials to help with this restoration, click on the button below! Every donation gets us one step closer to finishing the Nighthawk restoration.

Help us Restore the F-117A Nighthawk "black Devil" #833

Your Support is Needed as We Continue To Restore the F-117.

Movie Memphis Belle

Recently flown in from New York, “The Movie” Memphis Belle has joined the PSAM’s ever growing fleet of aircraft. Since receiving the aircraft, the museum’s team of mechanics have been meticulously inspecting the aircraft from nose to tail. “The Belle” has also undergone a deep cleaning, including the paint on the aircraft, restoring it to as it would’ve been when it rolled off the Boeing line.

The restoration of this magnificent airplane will continue to ensure it remains in flying condition, and you can help! Each donation goes directly towards maintaining “The Movie” Memphis Belle, so click below to donate!

Help us keep Movie Memphis Belle flying!

Your donations will make sure she remains in flying condition for all to see.


The museum is also currently restoring the Boeing Skyfox. The Skyfox was an experimental program, with Boeing altering the Lockheed T-33, in hopes of replacing the Cessna T-37 as a primary jet trainer. 

The program included the replacement of the Allison J33-A-35 turbojet by two Garrett TFE731-3A turbofans. It also included an extensive redesign of the airframe.

Only one prototype aircraft was ever built, and has been donated to the museum! Our restoration crew is working meticulously to restore the Skyfox to display quality. 

Past Restoration Photo Gallery

P-51 Mustang Restoration Photo Gallery

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